180 Minutes of Exercise Pic n’ Mix Challenge Raises £500

On Saturday the 15th of June, our gym in Bath held a fantastic fundraising event to celebrate 180 years of YMCA impact.

The 180 Minutes of Exercise Pic n’ Mix Challenge was completely sold out. It was great to see our members so engaged and excited to take part. The morning was an immense success, raising over £500 for our charity and bringing the community together for a day of fitness and fun.

The event took place at the YMCA Bath Gym, drawing in a diverse crowd of participants eager to take part in the unique exercise challenge. From circuits to body pump to yoga, the wide range of classes was designed to be inclusive, challenging and energetic.

The event kicked off at 9am with a lively Circuits class to get everyone pumped up. Classes continued until midday, finishing with a relaxing yoga session to wind down. The infectious energy and positive vibes really showcased the power of community and the unique spirit of the YMCA Bath Gym.

After the event, participants and instructors tucked into a well-earned refreshment at Bath Cider House just down the road. The sense of accomplishment and unity was palpable as everyone came together to celebrate the success of the event and the funds raised for the YMCA.

The success of the challenge has already sparked excitement for future events. Members have expressed their enthusiasm for a second round, eager to come together once again for a day of fitness and fundraising. The team is excited to brainstorm a follow-up event later in the year, aiming to build on the momentum and continue to promote wellbeing and community spirit.

YMCA Brunel Group extends its heartfelt thanks to all participants, instructors, volunteers, and supporters who contributed to the event’s success. The 180 Minutes Challenge was not just a celebration of 180 years of the YMCA but also a powerful demonstration of the commitment of our members. With the funds raised and the positive impact made, the future looks bright for our charity and its mission to support young people and communities.