House iconBath is bubbling over with festivals, events and activities – throughout the whole year.

What’s happening in Bath? Well, In the early Summer we are spoilt with the Bath Festival – a celebration of all things music and literature with over 120 events in 10 days. For those who like our famous resident Jane Austen, there is a festival dedicated just to her and the city gets taken over with people clad in period costume – you feel like you are on a film set.

Then, of course, there is the wonderful Christmas Market which is a truly magical experience. Plus lots more going on in between.

Here’s a run-down of some of the major events happening in Bath, that we would recommend you visit:

Up and coming events

The Bath Festival - 13 May – 22 May 2022

A celebration of music, performance and books.

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The Bath Carnival - Saturday 9 July 2022

A vibrant event of great costumes, dance and music alongside creative workshops. It is a carnival procession not to be missed.

Bath Carnival

The Jane Austen Festival - 9 September – 18 September 2022

A truly immersive Regency experience which attracts Jan Austen fans from far and wide – dressed in their best Regency Costumes – with a grand parade which is the highlight for many!

Jane Austen Festival – Ten days in Bath celebrating Jane Austen (

Bath Children’s Literature Festival - 23 September – 2 Oct 2022 

Bringing together writers and illustrators for lots of wonderful interactive events.

Bath Children’s Literature Festival

The Great Bath Feast - 23 September – 25 September

In association with The Bertinet Kitchen, this is a celebration of the food and drink in the South West and beyond – lots of wonderful food and drink stalls appear for the weekend and some great chef demos.