YMCA Bath is part of YMCA Brunel Group – a local charity and social enterprise in Bristol, Bath, Mendip and South Somerset (and part of the worldwide movement). 

We are particularly passionate about working with young people who are having tough time and we do this by giving them a safe place to stay but also 1-2-1 support to help them take the next stage – which might be longer term accommodation or some other form of help.

We do a lot of our work without any kind of Government support and instead run two social enterprise hostels (here in Bath and one in Bristol), that cover a lot of our costs and allow us to do much needed charitable work.

This means that if you choose to stay at one of our commercial hostels or to exercise with us in our health and wellbeing centre (part of our charitable work)  – you are making a difference to people’s lives by giving them the opportunity to access the support they need.

That really does make us different to other hostels and gyms.