Graduates of Level Two Gym Instructor Qualification

We are extremely proud and excited to celebrate the recent graduates of the Level Two Gym Instructor qualification program here at the YMCA Gym in Bath.

These individuals have shown dedication and determination, completing their training through the YMCA Health and Wellbeing Centre under the guidance of manager Simon.

Commencing in the autumn of 2023, the course demanded rigorous effort from its participants. Theory exams, practical assessments, and the completion of case studies were just some of the challenges they faced along the way. Yet, with resilience and hard work, they conquered each hurdle, emerging as certified gym instructors.

What makes this achievement even more commendable is the commitment these graduates have demonstrated. Already, some have embraced roles in voluntary and paid fitness positions within the Bath YMCA Health and Wellbeing Centre. Others are eager to explore further opportunities to advance their careers within the industry.

Here at YMCA Brunel Group we strongly believe in fostering professional growth and opportunities so that everyone can have the chance to belong, contribute and thrice. The Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification will continue to be offered at YMCA Bath Gym so that others can have the opportunity to develop their professional career in the fitness industry.

This spring, Simon and Neil will be leading the course together. If you’re considering pursuing your Level Two Gym Instructor qualification and kickstarting a rewarding career in the industry, please contact Simon in the gym. The course is a fantastic way to kickstart a new career, with support and guidance along the way from a professional and passionate team.

Our charity is committed to supporting individuals on their journey towards success and fulfilment, whatever that means for them. By investing in your education and training, you not only enhance your own prospects but also contribute to the wellbeing of others in your community.

As we celebrate the achievements of our recent graduates, we look forward to welcoming new faces into our community of fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Simon and Neil are so excited to welcome a new cohort in the Spring! Find out more about the course here, and contact Simon or a member of the staff if you are interested.