portraits of ymca gym fitness professionals

Looking for a gym in Bath? Meet the YMCA team

If you’re looking for a gym in Bath then we’d love to welcome you to our Health & Wellbeing Centre at International House on Broad Street.

State of the art equipment.

Our large spacious gym provides state of the art equipment, plenty of group classes and no joining fees or contracts. We’re the most affordable gym in town, with the best views to boot. What’s not to love about that? Not only do the facilities speak for themselves (contact us to come and take a look!) but your decision to make a positive change to your health and fitness means you will also be making a positive change to the livelihood of others.

Ethical Fitness.

By becoming a member at our Bath gym means you will be directly helping vulnerable young people to access vital help and support, at a difficult time in their lives.

We’re proud to say that we’re the only gym in Bath that directly funds charitable work in the city and our staff are not only experienced, but friendly and supportive. We caught up with one of our personal trainers, Joe, to ask him about his role and why he loves working at our city centre gym.

Experienced fitness instructors.

All of our staff are experienced fitness instructors. They bring an upbeat, supportive and professional approach to our members health and wellbeing journey, no matter stage they’re at. Our marketing team sat down with one of our personal trainers, Joe, to ask him about his role in the team.

Q) Full Name Please?!

A) Joe Parker!

Q) What’s your position / job title here at the ymca gym?

A) I’m a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Q) How long have you worked at the YMCA Bath Gym?

A) 11 years in total, but three years at the gym here in Bath

Q) What does a typical day look like for you?

A) Quite often I’d say no day is the same, however first thing I do when I come in, coffee in hand, is check the teams’ daily calendar to see how many sessions I’ll be working with people that day. This could be Personal training sessions, fitness and health consultations to meetings and jobs on the gym floor. These will range from 30 minute – to 2 hour sessions

Q) What do you enjoy most about working for the YMCA?

A) The connection with the community, the social aspect of the gym environment. But most of all coaching people from all walks of life, all ages and different personalities.

Q) What makes the health & wellbeing centre here different to other gyms in Bath?

A) It’s definitely the atmosphere and the social opportunities too. We’re a friendly bunch and we like to make sure everyone feels welcome and enjoys themselves.

Q) Give us your top tip or fun fact about health & wellbeing..

A) I have never in 11 years seen anyone fall off of a treadmill. How are there so many videos of people doing it online I will never know!!

Come and meet us

To find out more about our gym in Bath then take a look at our membership prices and fitness timetable. Contact us if you would like to come along and have a look at the facilities as well as meet the team to discuss your fitness goals.